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Welcome, welcome, welcome! Prepare to embark on whimsical adventures with your inner child as we sprinkle our days with laughter, imagination, and a big dose of self-acceptance. I'm Aniella, the creative force behind Cosmic Emilia. Picture book maker in the making (I'm currently working on not one, but two!), professional designer, kid product enthusiast, and, most importantly, a mom to two lively little wildflowers who keep me on my toes!

Consider this newsletter your golden ticket to a world of learning and rediscovering your inner child through the enchantment of play and beauty. Brace yourself for a sprinkle of pure magic as we dive into crafty play, explore the uncharted territories of parenthood, and create a nurturing space within our vibrant community.

Let me give you a glimpse of what awaits you:

Sneak peeks behind the curtain, revealing the unseen parts of my life as an illustrator.

• Craft ideas and delightful printables (like this free one!) that will ignite joy and connection with your little ones, leaving you all grinning from ear to ear.

• Handpicked recommendations for books, art, and mind-blowingly cool products that will capture the hearts of kids and grown-ups alike.

• Musings on the wild ride of motherhood, the boundless realms of creativity, and the beautifully chaotic tapestry of life as a parent.

• The freshest updates on all things Cosmic Emilia, along with surprises that will make your happy feet dance with glee!

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Now, lean in closer and let me share a little secret with you: in this corner of the internet, the only rule is to immerse yourself in the pure joy of reading and basking in the magic we create. But I must confess, it would be absolutely delightful if you leave comments and mingle with our wonderful community. Who knows? We might just become the closest of friends, bonding over our shared love for the extraordinary!

Are you ready to plunge headfirst into the cosmic wonderland that awaits?

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