Happy birthday! I also think about things a lot, maybe too much before I even do them. If I even do them. Life is so full, but I think you show here that that fullness is good:). Thanks for sharing your journey here. Motherhood has inspired me to do the same:)

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Sep 7, 2023Liked by Aniella Ernández

Beautiful, Aniella. Happy birthday! I will say that the first three years -- while testing your sanity and also turning you into a selfless person -- aren't all there is, nor how it will always be. There are hard parts, of course, and the hard parts change into different hard parts as the years pass, but the amazing parts are always there, always changing, too. And if you're struggling to remember your Self, trust too that that person is still there inside you -- she's a little busy right now, but she's not lost. And she's absolutely not gone forever.

Here's to a wonderful 35th year 🤍

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